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J.S. Park is a hospital chaplain and an advocate for self-care and mental health. He has worked at the hospital for four years and has served over a thousand patients and their families.

J.S. is a chaplain at a hospital in Tampa, FL, where he completed his one year residency, as well as a chaplain at one of the largest nonprofit homeless charities on the east coast.

The duties of a chaplain include grief counseling, end-of-life support, attending every death and Code Blue, next-of-kin notification, assisting with Advance Directives, and advocating for patients’ wishes.

J.S. is also a sixth degree black belt, suicide survivor, ex-atheist, Korean-American, and intense introvert. He completed his BA in Psychology at the University of South Florida and his Master’s of Divinity at SEBTS in North Carolina.

J.S.’s typewriter art can be found at #typewritertherapy

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